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Malaysia & Southeast Asian Cuisine

Malasia is a country with a rich culture. The populations are made of mainly Malay, Chinese and Indians. Malaysian food is very much reflective of the diversity of the people staying there. Malay and Southeast Asian cuisine in general is rich with herbs like lemongrass, tamarind, dried and fresh chili, ginger, garlic, curry powders, cardamom and turmeric. They are known for eliminating pain and reducing inflammation.


Curry Laksa Noodle Soup 

Hot & Spicy!Curry Laksa Noodle Soup (GF) $10.75 - Rich vermicelli with chicken and shrimp served in a spicy coconut curry based soup.

 Red Curry

Hot & Spicy!Red Curry - Red chili base, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, cilantro, shallots and garlic. Chicken or Pork $10.75 Beef $11.75 Shrimp $12.75

Singapore Rice Noodles

Hot & Spicy!Singapore Rice Noodles (GF) $10.75 - Rice vermicelli with chicken, shrimp, egg, Napa cabbage, onion, bean sprout and scallion with a light curry taste.

Hot & Spicy! 

Hot & Spicy!Yellow Curry - Tumeric curry, roast galangal, cilantro and shallots. Chicken or Pork $10.75 Beef $11.75 Shrimp $12.75

Pad Thai

Hot & Spicy!Pad Thai (GF) - Thai think flat noodle with egg, bean sprouts and scallion stir fried in a slightly spicy and tangy sauce. Veg. or Chicken $9.50. Shrimp $10.50

Hot & Spicy!

Hot & Spicy!Massaman Curry - Cilantro, peanuts, tumeric, a mixture of chilies and coconut milk. Chicken or Pork $10.75 Beef $11.75 Shrimp $12.75

Black Pepper X.O. Sauce

Hot & Spicy!Malaysia Style X.O. Sauce - A stir fried dish using an aromatic X.O. Brown sauce with a slight kick. Seasonal Vegetables, Chicken or Pork $10.75 Beef $11.75 Shrimp $12.75

Hot & Spicy!

Hot & Spicy!Roti with Curry (1) $3.75 - Roti is a flat break from India made of wheat flour. It is like a Mexican tortilla. It is often served as an appetizer.


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