Ting's Place

Combination Luncheons
(served from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

Lunch is served with a Pork Egg Roll (Vegetarian Egg Roll available upon request). Choice of Steamed Rice, Fried Rice, Brown Rice ($0.50) or Lomein ($1.25), a choice of Soup: Hot & Sout, Egg Drop, Wonton or a Salad (Seasonal)

Seafood  (Shrimp$8.75 Scallops $9.25)

Sweet and Sour Shrimp

Hot & Spicy! Kung Pao Shrimp

Shrimp with Cashew Nuts

Hot & Spicy! Curry Shrimp

Shrimp with Vegetables

Hot & Spicy! Shrimp with Garlic Sauce

Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce

Hot & Spicy! Scallops with Garlic Sauce

Scallops with Black Bean Sauce

Beef $8.75

Hot & Spicy! Shredded Beef Szechuan

Beef Broccoli

Hot & Spicy! Beef with Spicy BBQ Sauce

Beef with Vegetables

Hot & Spicy! Beef with Garlic Sauce

Hot & Spicy! Mongolian Beef

Hot & Spicy! Jalapeno Beef

 Chicken $8.00

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Chicken with Broccoli

Hot & Spicy! General Tao's Chicken

Chicken with Vegetables

Lemon Chicken

Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Hot & Spicy! Curry Chicken

Hot & Spicy! Kung Pao Chicken

Hot & Spicy! Chicken with Garlic Sauce

 Pork $7.75

Hot & Spicy! Twiced Cooked Pork

Hot & Spicy! Pork with Garlic Sauce

Roast Pork with Vegetables

Hot & Spicy! Szechuan Pork

 Vegetables $7.75

Vegetable Delight

Hot & Spicy! Broccoli with Garlic Sauce

Tofu Family Style

Hot & Spicy! Vegetables with Garlic Sauce

 Combination Delight $9.00

Delight of Roast Pork, Chicken & Beef

Hot & Spicy! Kung Pao Shrimp and Chicken

 Malaysian and South East Asia


Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetables $9.00

Shrimp or Combination $10.00

(Excluded from lunch combo)

Hot & Spicy!Pad Thai (thin flat rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts and scallion stir fried in a lightly spicy and tangy sauce)

Hot & Spicy!Red Curry (red chili base, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, cilantro, shallot and garlic)

Hot & Spicy!Yellow Curry (turmeric, roast galangal, cilantro and shallots)


Hot & Spicy!Massaman Curry (cilantro, peanuts, turmeric, a mixture of chilies and coconut milk)

Hot & Spicy!Singapore Rice Vermicelli (rice vermicelli noodles stir fried with chicken or shrimp egg, Napa cabbage, onion, bean sprouts and scallion with a light curry taste)

Hot & Spicy!Curry Laksa Soup $9.95

Noodle Soup

(Excluded from lunch combo)

Pork, Chicken or Beef     $8.75

Shrimp, Seafood or Combo    $9.75

Noodle with Soy Bean & Meat    $9.50

Medium spicy = Medium spicy. 

Substitute brown rice an additional $0.50 per person. Please notify us of any food allergies. Gluten-Free items are available. We are not a certified gluten-free restaurant. We do not accept personal checks.  An 18% gratuity may be added to parties of 5 or more.


Ting's Place
1265 S. Public Road
Lafayette, CO 80026
(303) 666-9559